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January 30, 2020
The switch showed up and was a perfect fit and works like new. Without your help that never would have happened. Good customer service is nearly … read more
David Leathers
October 26, 2023
Kauffman had the wrench for my Porter Cable router, when it arrived they threw in a Bosch carpenters pencil and two Smarties. This was a total … read more
Tammy Wright
December 29, 2019
I like this company. My part was professionally packaged and at my house in 3 days and I ordered it on Christmas day. Good part sawzall ready for … read more

Shipping Details

Shipping Details

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                                540-833-8393                                                           540-820-4879


This information below is only accurate if USPS is running it's normal course. 1/18/22

Also, the below information is only for the items we have in stock. The out of stock items will obviously take longer as we will need to order them in. 

Want cheaper shipping? The $10 flat rate is for Priority shipping. We can usually ship most small parts through First Class Shipping, and drop the shipping nearly in half, it all depends on weight, size, and distance. There is a note section (*THIS SECTION HAS BEEN GETTING ERASED (people leave notes, but we don't get them) PLEASE CHECK YOUR CONFIRMATION AND BE SURE YOUR NOTE IS STILL THERE, AND EMAIL US IF IT IS NOT)*, if you are okay with First Class shipping just let us know in the note section, and we'll save you what we can. Caution: First Class takes longer. They say 2-5 days, where Priority says 1-3 days.  **We may not be able to offer this on items that are not in stock.**

Just to give an esimate, most Priority packages arrive at their desination 2 (USPS shipping) days after they are shipped out. There of course can be delays, and there are a few places that we have discovered that takes longer. 

In general parts are shipped out the next business day from when the order was placed. Exceptions to this are as follows:

    If the order was placed early EST in the day it should go out the same day. 

    If an order is placed on a holiday, and the holiday fell on a Friday, the part won't be shipped until Monday. 

    If we have a question for you the customer and can't reach you, we don't like to ship a part until we've corresponed with you. If we      don't get a response in a day or two we do go ahead and ship.

    If we are closed for a vacation, parts won't ship until we are back, which will be listed on the site. Usually on the home page at the      top in red.

Have other shipping questions that were not covered? Feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our shop is closed Sundays, and our Saturdays are by appointment only, so some Saturdays we are here and some not. 


Updated 7/9/2022